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About Us

We are a team of motivated and talented individuals with a passion for design and application building.

Our mission is to provide Quality, Affordable and Fast Custom Web Applications to our clientele.

The development of your custom application includes housing it it on our Servers in our World class Replicated Data Centers. We are the complete SaaS solution for your company.

Simply...  we are people that love developing software.

Our History:

Formerly known as REJJ Technologies, RedGware formed in 1992 as a contract computer programming company specializing in IBM AS400 software development. This was before major corporations trusted the Internet for accessing corporate data. Back in the early 90’s we were solely an IT staff augmentation provider.


Corporations hired as many contract programmers as they could find and the IBM AS400 was a major platform housing and processing corporate databases. RPG was the language of choice on the AS400.


RedGware is a MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprise).  All of our Apps are housed at Amazon Redundant Data Centers on Amazon Servers. The software is built using Java, JavaScript (Angular.JS) and Microsoft .Net Technologies.

Java is unique in that it has an implementation for practically every known operating system including mobile devices. The idea behind Java is: code once, run anywhere. Java pretty-much delivers on that promise. This is why RedGware has invested in this technology.

Microsoft .Net - .NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

.NET Framework is very developer friendly with rapid application build capability. In addition .Net has a huge developer community. This is why RedGware has invested in this technology.


RedGware is a full-fledged APP developer that produces custom Internet based business applications. We also provide contract and permanent IT Staff to help with your software projects.

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